Jobs Adventure

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What do you want to be in the future?

Mr. Wish and Mrs. Dream are looking forward to doing a lot of jobs!
Astronaut, idol, football player, teacher…
It is exciting just thinking about those colorful jobs!

But one day, some bad guy took the jobs away!
Astronaut, idol and everything disappeared in a sudden!

And then there comes a mysterious cat called Yamada.
Now Mr. Wish and Mrs. Dream can do the jobs for us with the help of Yamada's “Job Cards”!

Every time, Mr. Wish and Mrs. Dream will step into different work positions and introduce them to children in front of the screen.
Through the programme, children can experience a variety of jobs and go forward to find their dream.

Title Jobs Adventure (temporary)
Format TV Series Animation 26 Episodes
Genre Family, Drama, Educational
Target Audience All ages
Studio BTO Group × C2C
Copyright BTO Group × C2C


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